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Alumni Corner

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Home-coming unites the past and the present.

"I'd been in this school since I was 3. For the past 13 years, I've received nothing but support and guidance from all the teachers. They have been there to help me with my weaker subjects and commend me on my stronger ones. No matter how old I was when I met any of those teachers, they've all motivated me, in their own ways, to do my very best. I've been a part of this school for over a decade and I'm immensely proud to be an hfs-ite."

Looking back at the ten wonderful years at HFS , I feel overwhelmed to say this very institution has been more than just instrumental in making me what I am today. My alma mater has always encouraged all its students to excel in every possible field and our outstanding results in academics as well as extra curricular activities speak for themselves. In the melting pot of HFS, everyone seeks to update change while remaining rooted in strong values. Every student strives hard to succeed, to make a mark for himself in order to keep up the school’s motto: Mens Sana In Corpore Sano. The golden network of students, teachers who are our guides, philosophers and friends along with our principal, Mrs.Kalyani Patnaik has ensured that every student who studies here is moulded well, shaped well and given some of the best years of his life.

I joined the Hiranandani Foundation School in the year 2000 as a little student of Senior KG. I have spent eleven whole years in this school, but they seemed to have passed by in a blink. My teachers have been exceptionally supportive and loving. Their supervision and guidance has truly helped develop my personality. Now that I have to leave School after spending the most glorious moments of my life here, it saddens me. It is nothing less than leaving home. I will always cherish the sweet, unforgettable memories of my school.

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